Hidden anti-Semitism or endemic selfishness? 1/3 of U.S. wouldn’t risk hiding a Jew during the Holocaust

Thursday, October 22, 2015 by

As the latest Nazi holocaust film, Return to the Hiding Place, makes its way to theaters, a unique marketing ploy has been utilized by the production team of this flick, as they attempt to shame viewers to the theater with a poll which states that 31% of Americans would refuse to hide a Jew if they were faced with that predicament during the holocaust.

In a move that’s sure to draw attention across the sociopolitical spectrum, the team has raised questions regarding the possibility of hidden anti-Semitism among the current U.S. population. But however disturbing that assertion is to some, it’s not entirely clear whether the result stems from hidden feelings of prejudice among the population or an endemic selfishness and cowardice which has supplanted the American culture of helping your neighbors and communities in need. Either way, there is no excuse for 31% of people refusing to hide Jews, or anyone threatened with persecution and genocide!




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