VIDEO: National Park bureaucrats joke about stealing land from two World War II veterans

Friday, April 22, 2016 by

There are literally thousands of examples every year of public corruption at all levels of government. Particularly galling to Americans, however, is corruption at the federal level, since any one of the federal government’s hundreds of agencies could, at any time, reach out and touch us.

But a video that surfaced recently is particularly repugnant, for it lays bare the diabolical and predatory nature of the national government, and tells the story well of how Washington has become, over the past century in particular, an oppressor and an enemy of the people.

And it also might provide some insight into why farmers, ranchers and residents of the Western United States are angry, distrustful and suspicious of the federal government’s land management agencies.

As reported by The Daily Sheeple:

Officially, our national parks exist to preserve land for environmental and recreational purposes. In reality, the parks that are run by our government have nothing to do with preservation. The real responsibility of the park system is to swindle Americans, force them off their land, and help the federal government accumulate natural resources by force.

The video (below) makes that objective very clear, for it shows park service bureaucrats discussing the manner in which they swindled – it wasn’t outright theft, but close to it – a $40 million mine from two elderly World War II veterans.

The video, made in 2005, shows the employees at a celebratory dinner for the former superintendent of the Mojave National Preserve, Mary Martin, whom the participants refer to as the “acquisition queen.” The video begins with one of the bureaucrats telling a story about how her agency acquired the mine for a paltry $2.5 million (a lot of money, sure, but remember what the agency valued the mine at). At one point she says, “We’re the bad guys. We come in, and we take this land. And we always take it for less than it’s worth.” [Our emphasis]

Later, another park service employee makes a guessing game out of the 111,550.54 privately own “acres acquired under the acquisition queen’s regime,” with the winner receiving a lottery ticket.

The video is below:


Yes, this kind of stuff really does happen in our country. And it happens a lot more than most Americans realize.

We’re busy, we work, we take care of our kids, we try to pay our bills, we try to stay out of trouble and out of the government’s crosshairs, and this is the thanks we get: Theft of property from two men who fought for a future generation that now steals from them, on behalf of the government they fought to preserve. How’s that for gratitude?

This election cycle, 2016, could very well be a watershed moment in American history. Already we’re seeing signs that the electorate is fed up with the kind of government its been getting, as evidenced by the massive support for two “outsider” candidates. It looks as if one – Sen. Bernie Sanders – won’t be the Democratic Party establishment’s candidate, the ethically, morally and integrity-compromised Hillary Clinton – but it is very possible, at this juncture, that real estate mogul Donald Trump could capture the GOP nomination.

At the same time, however, we see a rise of dependency; more American Democratic voters, for example, see socialism in a favorable light, despite the fact that as an economic model it has never delivered as promised and has, in fact, ruined nations (Greece, Cuba, Venezuela, the former Soviet Union, and so on).

This has consequences. Let it be known that rising dependency on government – for our livelihood, for our healthcare, for our protection, for our lifestyle – has also given rise to the kind of arrogant abuse heaped on us by that same federal government, as evidenced by the pathetic admission of chicanery by park service bureaucrats in the video above.

It’s obvious they view We the People as serfs and themselves as masters who are guilty of, and limited by, nothing (the fact that Hillary Clinton has yet to be charged for mishandling classified materials, despite the fact that it’s public knowledge, is indicative of how grotesquely cynical and abusive of us our government has become).

At some point, given our history and the history of earlier republics, there will be a day of reckoning. We are already beginning to see signs of that.



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