05/11/2017 / By Isabelle Z.

An Alaska lawmaker is at the center of controversy after placing an anti-abortion message into a state House resolution that

05/06/2017 / By Frances Bloomfield

Last April, an Oklahoma woman was sentenced to three consecutive life sentences for running what prosecutors called a “house of

02/17/2017 / By Thomas Dishaw

Jeffrey Sandusky, the 41-year old adopted son of notorious Penn State Child Molester Jerry Sandusky, was arrested on 14 charges

02/10/2016 / By Norman Smith

A National Security Agency (NSA) employee is expected to plead guilty to beating to death his 3-year-old adopted son, reports

12/30/2015 / By Tara Paras

UK police are now asking the government to allow them to spy on the Internet search history of just about anyone in

12/14/2015 / By Tara Paras

Topeka City Councilman Jonathan Robert Schumm, 34, and his wife Allison Nicole, 32, have recently been arrested and charged after

12/01/2015 / By Julie Wilson

Twentieth century civilization is far more drugged up than ever before — and it’s not illegal drugs that have taken

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